28th December 2017

Prague. The city that reminds me so much of a box of chocolates…rich, romantic, painted in hues of brown…full of surprises. I loved everything about it. I was desperate ( too strong a word?) for some “me time”, ready to let my feet take me wherever they wanted. I went with some of my best gal pals, one who this whole trip was in honour of, Rebekah, It was her 21st birthday and was nearly as magical as her. And for fun, because it would take too long to write about each friend on this trip I will quickly describe each of them from left to right in the photo below… Harmienke the kind Dutchie , Raquel the spicy Brazilian, Leah the American artist, Rebekah the (grew up all over the world) Joyful one, and me, the mom who was wayyyy too excited about sleeping in and reading without interruptions.









We stayed at a charming hostel called, Hostel Santini, and every morning we walked over the most gothic bridge to get to the city centre. From the bridge you could see the castle nestled on top of the highest point in the city, all pointy and blue so not to be missed. It was breathtaking.

Each morning we ate coco puffs from the hostel cafe, and then hopped from coffee shop to coffee shop, reading, writing, and talking about life. This was my favourite part. Lets be honest, all of us mothers love our little ones with all the room in our hearts, but we NEED time to ourselves and it was so good for my mind, body and soul to drink a HOT cup of coffee and, drum roll please….READ A WHOLE BOOK IN 3 DAYS. SAY WHAT!? Speaking of books, we found so many hidden book stores in Prague. Something we all agreed on was that Prague was a very walkable city. I mean that you never had to walk far to the next cool thing, every street and every new area of the city was full of new things to see. 

If you ever visit Prague, you must have lunch at Cafe Lourve. Y’all, Einstine used to go there, and they have the worlds best hot chocolate. It was so rich and thick that they served it with a spoon.









Prague also made all of my Christmas dreams come true. There were about five-billion Christmas markets scattered all around. You would turn a corner and BAM, another Christmas market. They had it all. The chestnuts roasting on an open fire, the Christmas trees that were so ugly that they were beautiful, the homemade toys and trinkets, and best of all I found my favourite holiday snack, roasted almonds caramelised in sugar and cinnamon! We even had snow. The biggest, darnest, snow flakes I have ever seen.
In Amsterdam we have fries. In Prague, they have churro cones filled with chocolate and ice-cream. You guys, I can’t even. These things were everywhere and if it were socially acceptable for me to have eaten them for all three meals a day I would have. We originally thought they were made from churros, but turns out it was hot dough they would spin on fire until juuuuust baked. My mouth is salivating just thinking about it…

In high school I wasn’t into art history or history in general. Does anyone else feel that now as an adult you just want to learn about everything? History at this stage in life is fascinating to me, especially art History. Leah, my personal artist tour guide taught me so much this trip while exploring the old Prague Palace, the cathedrals, and all the art displayed throughout the city. Seriously, can I go back to school?









Before the trip I felt a bit guilty about leaving my family behind and doing my own thing. It felt awkward walking onto a plane and just, sitting down, without worrying about anyone or making sure everyone has fresh diapers and snacks. Also, only carrying a purse with my wallet in it was weird. It was like remembering what it felt like to just be me without all the cute add-ons attached. I was so excited to be back home with my family, but I am so thankful for the refreshment and adventure that Prague gave to me.

I made a little list below of all the Cafes we went to while in Prague, just incase you visit yourself!

Cafe Lourve (best hot chocolate in the world / Tri-Cafe (best chai latte in the world) / Coffee Lovers (best place for pie and cake) / Mommas Cafe ( Yummy lunch spot) / cafe Red (cozy and good tea) / EMA Coffee ( go there if you want to feel cool)   

PS.The book I read was, Until We Have Faces, by C.S. Lewis. You will think you are totally following the story and then when you finish it you realise you know nothing, but in the best way.

Thanks for reading!


California, my love!

8th August 2017

Finally got my feet back on California soil and it felt so good. My husband, sister, and I buzzed over to LA for a quick two-day trip to visit my brother, and to escape the mosquito invasion going down in Oklahoma. We experienced some new things, visited our favorite spots, and began building a table for Riley and his housemate, Taz. Thanks to the observatory, I now know that 175 earths can fit inside Saturn, AND I can officially confirm that Marie et Cie makes the most delicious caramel lattes on the face of the earth (and has the friendliest service.) Thanks for the good times LA, you’re stellar.



























































Cora’s first day of school

13th February 2017

Ok guys, it happened. MY BABY IS IN PRESCHOOL.

Cora, my beautiful, brave, little Cora started school last week. Nothing can prepare you for the way your heart is going to feel on that day. My heart broke and grew and was proud and sad all at once. For months we had been waiting to be accepted in a pre-school after submitting our application. I spent a few hours filling out the forms with the help of my Dutch friends, and then just sat back and prayed it would all work out. When I say “sat back” I mean, called twice a week for 6 months asking if she had been accepted. Im that mom.

Because we’re American and don’t speak Dutch in our home, once Cora was accepted they asked that she attend four days a week to learn the language faster. FOUR DAYS. FOUR DAYS! Four days felt like a whole lot considering Cora hasn’t left my side for two years. I suddenly understood the moms I had seen in movies that cry as they say bye to their kids on their first day of school. Totally get it. Considering that fact that I cried after we met her teacher the week before school (face palm). Something inside of me realized that her first day was the first of many more big days to come of letting her go. And I felt that, that little sting of letting go. We did our best to prepare Cora for her first day. During the weeks leading up our conversations with Cora were a lot like this…

“OK, Cora. Next week you are going to meet lots of new friends! Mommy and daddy won’t be there, but really nice ladies that speak in a language you won’t recognise very much will be there, and you will love it!”

“Cora, do you know how brave and awesome you are? You are so brave, and you are so kind! You will have so much fun at school making new friends.”

“Cora, if anyone doesn’t play with you, or if some kid messes with you, you just tell mommy and I WILL DEAL WITH THEM.”

Just kidding about the last one. I only said that in my own mind. The first day of school came around and Cora looked like a kid coming from Narnia. Yellow dress, golden braids, filled with anticipation. She was pumped. I didn’t know what she felt in her little heart, but I believe it was a whole bunch of good things. I was nervous. Everything in me wanted this to be so good for her. I think as a mom all the fears come to mind. Will she fit in? Will she feel abandoned? Will she get picked on? How will the teachers treat her? I can’t be the only one thinking these things, right?

I was a bit too anxious about the whole thing and arrived wayyyyyy too early. Slowly kids and their parents started arriving and the first 5 were all from different nations. I love the about Amsterdam. By the time everyone arrived it was like small representations of the world were all there, learning together, playing together. So cool. When someone asked Cora what her name was, Cora responded in Dutch saying, “Ik ben, Cora!” I was fist pumping on the inside, y’all.

My mom was there which made the day extra special. We watched the class circle up for story time, we saw all the play stations in the classroom, and we got to watch Cora mingle around with the other kids and try and find her place. Right before we left Cora looked at me and gave me a thumbs up and the sweetest grin. She didn’t mind that she couldn’t understand Dutch, she felt confident and happy and that was all I needed.

We stayed in the neighbourhood and counted down the hours till we picked her up. I had imagined that once Cora saw me again she would be reminded that I had left her and begin to cry and freak out. This always happens. When we leave her with a sitter she’s totally fine until she remembers that we left her in the first place. So I was prepared for the freak out moment.  Instead, she saw me, waved, and ran away. Um, ok! I left you at school WITHOUT ME and you don’t care!? So now that your in school you’re too big to miss me? Is that it? Huh? HUH???!!!

Its been a full week now and Cora is coming home saying words that are foreign to me, and she seems older every day. I never imagined taking my first child to school in the Netherlands. I never thought I would be biking through a snowy city to take her there, and I never could have asked for a better group of people cheering her on and loving her through these milestones in her life. This is what dreams are made of you guys.

Its an honour to have a front row seat to this girls life. If you need me, ill be over here soaking up all of who this little spunky girl is as long as I possibly can.